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A revolutionary approach to Ambient Scenting

Why Scent ?
Smell is a powerful brand language that communicates identity and differentiation: the new frontier of emotional communication.
Through scent, companies can create a deeper and more meaningful engagement between their brand and its audience.
By defining and shaping the scent of a brand identity, Zent creates immediate and memorable connections between brands and consumers. Grow your brand recognition and enhance your customer’s experience with Zent.
Learn how Scenting Works in your Industry
Many brands fail to make use of their customers’ sense of smell, which is the most powerful and emotive of all the senses. Harnessing the power of scent is a fantastic opportunity for you to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

It can work to attract new customers, increase sales, heighten perceived value, expand brand recognition, and grow customer satisfaction.

Make your brand more memorable
Olfactive Marketing is a part of brand storytelling.
By creating emotional engagement through one of our strongest senses a deeper connection can be made between a brand and its audience.
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